Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply for accommodation contracts as well as for all other supplies and services provided by the Cottages tothe guest. Unless expressly recognised in writing by the owner, alternative provisions, including those contained in the guest’s or customer’s general terms and conditions, shall not be applicable.

I. Conclusion of contract and payment

1. A cottages accommodation contract (hereinafter: “contract”) is established when a guest booking inquiry is responded to with a booking confirmation from the cottages.

2. The contractual partners are the cottages and the guest. If a third party undertakes the booking for the guest, as the customer it, along with the guest, will be liable as joint debtors to the cottages for all obligations arising from the contract, provided the cottages has possession of a corresponding declaration from the customer. Irrespective of this, every customer is obliged to pass on to the guest all information relevant to the booking, particularly these Terms and Conditions.

3. The cottages is obliged to avail the rooms that the guest has reserved in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and to provide the agreed services.

4. The guest is obliged to pay the current or agreed cottages prices for the hire of the room and for any other services he has made use of. This also applies to services effected by the guest or customer and expenses incurred by the cottages vis-à-vis third parties.

5. The agreed prices include the statutory rate of VAT. If the period between the conclusion of contract and the arrival of the guest exceeds four months and the statutory rate of VAT or local taxes and charges increase following the conclusion of contract, the cottages reserves the right to increase the agreed price by an amount equal to that of the increase of the payable VAT or local taxes and charges.

6. The cottages is likewise entitled to change prices if, following the conclusion of contract, the guest requests changes to the number of rooms reserved, the services required of the cottages or the length of the stay of the guest and the cottages agrees to

II. Check-in and Check-out

1.The guest has no right to demand the provision of specific rooms, unless the owner has confirmed the provisions of particular rooms in writing.

2. The reserved rooms shall be available to the guest from 3pm onwards on the agreed day of arrival. The guest has no right to demand that rooms should be provided earlier.

3. The guest should claim reserved rooms no later than by 4 pm on the agreed day of arrival. Unless a later time of arrival has been expressly agreed, after 4 pm the cottages has the right to assign the room to a different guest; the guest has no right of compensation in this event. The cottages has a right of rescission in this respect.

4. On the agreed day of departure, rooms must be vacated and be at the Cottage’s disposal by 12noon at the latest. After this time the cottages may charge the day-time room rate up until 4 pm to compensate it for the additional use of the room and the costs incurred by way of the delayed availability of the room; from 4 pm it may charge 100% of the current full lodging price. The guest is entitled to show that the Hotel sustained no loss or a lesser amount of loss.

III. Concluding provisions, Court, Applicable law

1. Amendments and additions to this contract must be made in writing.

2.The place of performance is the registered address of the cottages. Payment must be effected at said address.

3. As an alternative to the foregoing provision, legal actions against consumers within the definition of the Consumer Protection Act may be brought before that court with jurisdiction over the consumer’s domicile, usual place of residence or place of employment.

5. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are ineffective or void, or become so in the future, this will not prejudice the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The statutory regulations apply accordingly.